I am asking this question over a different Stack Exchange account, because I cannot access my original account because it's a Google login. You never know when Google wants you to verify your identity. I cannot verify because I do not own a cell phone, and even if I did, I do not trust Google with my cell phone number. Google is denying me access to my account even though I know the password, but can I at least be able to access my original Stack Exchange account?

What should I do in this scenario?

  • I would like to access my Stack Exchange account.

  • My Stack Exchange account is accessed by a Google login.

  • Google is denying me access, even though I know the password, because I need a mobile device to verify my identity.

  • When I try logging into Google, I get a message like this.

enter image description here

Or will I have to just stick with this new account, which I created with an email service that's more predictable and doesn't require phone numbers, and lose the progress on the other account?



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