I was looking in the SO Winter Bash Leaderboard, and I wonder why is the number for the number of hats much smaller in size than for the whole network leaderboard:

Whereas the numbers for the SE are much bigger in size:

Is this intended, or a bug?


I am sorry I mean the size of the text.

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In the SE top leaderboard, you have the following element:

<div class="sb-hatcount-num fs-title">
<span title="23 distinct hats across all sites, 32 hats total">23</span>

The class fs-title, has the following attribute:

.fs-title {
    font-size: 1.61538462rem!important;

While in the top stack overflow leaderboard, you dont have the class fs-title:

<div class="sb-hatcount-num"><span title="18 hats on Stack Overflow">18</span>

That is because not all hats are won on a single site. In example above, you've won 18 unique hats on SO and 23 unique hats on SE overall.

EDIT: On analyzing the code behind, this seems to be intentional. The developers have used fs-title class along with sb-hatcount-num for the network leaderboard page whose font-size is around 1.62 times that of the original (refer highlighted portions):

enter image description here

Whereas on the SO specific page (or other site specific pages), only sb-hatcount-num class is used which has no such overridden property for the font size:

enter image description here

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    I am sorry I meant the size of the text Commented Dec 16, 2020 at 12:14

On SE the size is much bigger, and another element named div.sb-hatcount-num.fs-title:


Whereas on SO it's a different element div.sb-hatcount-num that is smaller:


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