There are two new hats with a 10 in their trigger:

  • Rep Hunter: 10 answers in 1 day with positive scores
  • Matryoshka: 10 successful close or reopen votes

There might be secret hats qualifying for this as well, but we don't know all triggers yet.

I'm just curious, but is this a reference to the fact that this is the 10th time that we're hunting for hats? While this is only the 9th Winter Bash, it all started with Hat Dash in 2011. Or am I overthinking this too much?

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    Almost sure you're overthinking it, but... who knows! :D Dec 20, 2020 at 16:31
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    I'm pretty sure it is a reference to @ShadowtheHatterWizard 10th anniversary avatar... that some dev didn't doublecheck and though was Stack 10th anniversary :P
    – SPArcheon
    Dec 20, 2020 at 16:46

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adding this haiku
so that min characters reached
you're over thinking


Hardly an official answer, but I think you're overthinking it.

10 is a nice round number that was also featured more than once in past winter bashes, e.g.:

  • Just Jesting for 10 upvoted comments (2019, 2017, 2012)
  • Cosmic Brain for an answer with a score of 10 (2019, 2017)
  • Like Clockwork for visiting a site on 10 consecutive days (2017)
  • This is fine for deleting 10 of your own comments (2017, 2016)
  • Blue in the Face for 10 upvoted comments (2016)
  • Amazing Grace for asking a question with a score of 10 and getting an answer with a score of 10 (2015)
  • Cleanup Crew for deleting 10 of your own comments (2015)

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