In what order are the hats displayed on a user's profile (not to confuse with a similar question regarding the order of the hats on the leader board)?

For example, here is the order on my profile:

enter image description here

On past winter bashes, I recall the regular hats appeared before the secret hats.

Now they seem to be mixed together.

It's not the order in which I earned the hats.

What's more interesting - the order for different users seems to be similar, but not identical.

For example, here's another user's hats (Panda):

enter image description here

You can see that both of us have "Flashlight" and "Cruse of Oil" at the first two spots, and "Take This!" at the last spot. However, my "Wa-boushi" hat appears before my "Matryoshka" hat, where it's the opposite for the other user.

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    @Panda well you're featured anyway, #1 on MSE and #2 on the whole network. :-) Dec 21, 2020 at 12:02


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