While I'm doing the inline tag edit by clicking on the "Edit tags" (privilege earned when reaching 10,000 reputation) on a post, there is a loader image is visible. But the loader image is very big and not looking good.

This issue is reproducible on Mozilla Firefox 84.0 (64-bit), Windows 10 OS. On Google Chrome browser the loader is displaying fine. Can this be fixed for Firefox browser?

GIF for the same:

loader issue

  • I was able to duplicate this in FF84.0.0. For ease of duplication, you can do StackExchange.helpers.addSpinner('.post-taglist') in the JavaScript console, which will display the same element, but won't immediately remove it. There should probably be a max-height applied to the ajax-loader class. – Makyen Dec 23 '20 at 20:40

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