I am very enthusiastic about earning hats on multiple sites in the winter bash. It is an engaging concept too. However, I am wondering if my reputation can increase because of that i.e. get more points.

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Hats themselves do not give any reputation points.

However, if you make a post or suggest an edit to get a hat, and your post gets upvoted or your edit gets accepted, you get the reputation from that.


Hats are temporarily, as explained also in :

... that typically runs from mid-December until early January each year ...

Also, as mentioned in the accepted answer to ' Is there a simple page, "What is Winter Bash, and what's all this about hats"? Can we have one? ':

When the event is over, the "hats" are all gone and can't be accessed anymore.

So as soon the hats disappear again, all points (= reputation) gained from earning hats would have to be deducted also again ... assuming that such reputation changes would be consistent with what happens if questions or answers disappear (= get deleted), in which case the reputation changes from deleted posts get corrected also.


Increasing the number of hats does not increase the reputation. To increase reputation check that and Votes on posts cause you to gain (or sometimes lose) reputation.

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