On the Winter Bash stats page, the color of the hat names and the users they were awarded to is not really a great color:

enter image description here

It requires a bit more effort to read than, for instance, the stats from WB 2019:

enter image description here

The blue color #06abf9b3 provides a much better contrast:

![enter image description here

Not that it has to be that color specifically, but just something a bit easier to read please.


Link colors have been fixed. Hopefully more readable now.

bad contrast with links
colored backgrounds annoying
more readable now?

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    It's indeed very readable now but seems like everything is bold, which contradicts the note on top Secret hats are bold. There is no difference between normal and secret hats now. – Adinia Jan 6 at 10:08
  • related: at the blog this link Enough stats for today! If you want more, there’s a ton of stats on the public stats page goes to /leaderboard and not to /stats – Vickel Jan 6 at 13:58
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    if you remove font-weight: bold; from the a element fixes that problem@Adina has pointed out – Vickel Jan 6 at 20:01
  • Secret hats are now bold, non-secret are normal – Yaakov Ellis Jan 8 at 10:28

To stay coherent with the UI themes, the light blue is a bit out of context. I'd use

a {
    color: #8a2857;

which makes a great contrast and matches the colors of the main UI design:

enter image description here

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    Hmm, yeah. Looks pretty nice. More opinions, please y'all! – Ollie Jan 6 at 0:15
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    Is that supposed to be “top spot” instead of “top stop” ? – Arun Vinoth Jan 6 at 2:28

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