Let's assume I found that tags and are synonyms. Now let's assume that tag is much more popular. Therefore, I am still assuming, tag should be maintained while tag should be the synonym. For example, should stay the main tag in Stack Overflow, while it should have as a synonym. And not the other way around.

Now let's take a case where I gained 5 points at tag , but didn't yet earn it in tag . So I can suggest to be a synonym of , and not the other way around, which makes no sense. Is there any way to create a synonym in the other direction where I don't have the enough scoring? Is there any way to flip the synonym and the target, to not ending up with tags such as (just an example of course)?


Of course if I have the reputation to make tag synonym, I have the reputation to edit questions. So I can simply add the tag where I need it. But I don't think it is the right approach, as those questions might already have 5 tags in them, and giving up on tags just for suggesting a synonym looks weird to me.

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Post a question on the site's own Meta (not here, we're the networkwide Meta) to ask for a synonym request. ♦ moderators are automatically notified of new questions on their meta, so you have a good chance (if the request is justified) that it's carried out quickly. The voting process on synonym requests is rather slow.

For examples, see various questions on this site (when it pertains to synonymizing two Meta Stack Exchange tags) or on other Meta sites in the network.

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    This answer works. I published a post, and got what I wanted. But till I think that it makes sense to allow suggesting tag synonym from a tag that I don't have enough score into a tag that I do. I think it will decrease friction. Jan 16, 2021 at 1:39

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