• Goto any question
  • Enable keyboard shortcuts, and press M F 4
    (or alternatively just click Flag->a duplicate)
  • Observe that the text box is not autofocused. (so you have to click on it or press Tab three times to focus it)

I remember that it worked before, and I checked the code and the code used to focus the text box is still there.

Confirmed on a QtWebEngine-based browser and Firefox.

Probably related: When voting to close/flag as a duplicate, the Vote to Close/Flag Question button is disabled when the "back" button is pressed (because both are caused by the recent UI change?)

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    Just to make it more explicit, auto-focus works if you go to needs improvement -> Duplicate. That's for both keyboard navigation (m -> f -> 3 -> 1) and non-shortcut navigation. Identical for Close -> Duplicate (m -> c -> 1 using keyboard shortcuts) So, only the direct flag route doesn't work.
    – VLAZ
    Commented Jan 22, 2021 at 8:32


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