Imagine the following sequence of events:

  • Some user posts a question or an answer.
  • User A comments that post.
  • User B flags the comment as, say, unfriendly or unkind, and doesn't retract that flag.
  • User A deletes the comment.

What will be the status of the flag then? Will it be “helpful”, “declined”, or “disputed”? I suppose that it will not remain “pending” until it ages away.

  • I guess it gets reviewed the same as a flag on a deleted post. I've raised flags on deleted posts before; they got marked as helpful/unhelpful depending on the severity.
    – Ollie
    Jan 18, 2021 at 17:58

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It is marked helpful by the Community user

Comment flags on comments are marked as helpful when the comment is deleted, unless marked as declined by a moderator. Doesn't matter if the comment is self deleted, flag deleted or mod deleted.

For a specific case, I dug up an example of a comment being posted, flagged and then self-deleted (usernames simplified).

enter image description here


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