When I've got 5 or fewer up / down votes left for the day, I get a message informing me of this. Although the dialog will disappear after a while, there has also previously been (during the many times I encountered this over the past couple of years) a close button on the right side, which I usually used to get the dialog to go away more quickly. However, today, that option is not visible any more, as shown below:

Message showing 4 votes left, but with no close button.

Nonetheless, I found that when I hover my mouse over where the button used to be, an outline of it appears, and clicking there does close the dialog. I realize this is quite a minor issue, but was this dialog changed on purpose and, if so, is there any particular reason why this was done?

Note I'm using Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.61 on Windows 10, with no recent updates of the browser since the last time when the warning message appeared as it normally did before.

Update: Sebastian Simon's comments give more details, such as other places where the same issue seems to occur, e.g., this comment about the ">" no longer showing in the "Flagging > Closing" header text.

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    This applies to all such messages, currently, not just the “x votes left” one. – Sebastian Simon Jan 22 at 0:04
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    The inner SVG in the button looks just like <svg class="svg-skeleton-element-during-loading m0"></svg>. That first class name makes it display: none !important;. GET https://cdn.sstatic.net/Img/stacks-icons/ClearSm.svg?v=5acef7872715 is being blocked due to “CORS Missing Allow Origin”, or missing Access-Control-Allow-Origin header, as the console says. It’s strange that https://cdn.sstatic.net/Js requests keep working fine, though. Maybe an issue related to MIME types? – Sebastian Simon Jan 22 at 0:13
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    This issue is also causing the right arrow to be missing from the Flag / Close dialog breadcrumb header. It used to show something like “Flagging › Closing”, but now it’s showing “FlaggingClosing” because the SVG arrow at https://cdn.sstatic.net/Img/stacks-icons/ArrowRightAltSm.svg?v=5acef7872715 can’t be fetched. – Sebastian Simon Jan 24 at 1:40
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    Strangely, it works fine on MSE, as MSE actually requests https://meta.stackexchange.com/Content/Img/stacks-icons/ArrowRightAltSm.svg?v=5acef7872715, but a different site, such as Super User, requests https://cdn.sstatic.net/Img/stacks-icons/ArrowRightAltSm.svg?v=5acef7872715. The meta.stackexchange.com domain works, cdn.sstatic.net doesn’t. However, https://cdn.sstatic.net/Img/unified/sprites.svg?v=fcc0ea44ba27 still works! Is it because sprites.svg has an xmlns attribute and cdn.sstatic.net is picky about this document type? None of the SVGs have an XML declaration, though… – Sebastian Simon Jan 24 at 1:53
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    And another place where this is an issue: the i help icon when editing tags is completely gone; not even the link is there anymore. URL is https://cdn.sstatic.net/Img/stacks-icons/HelpSm.svg?v=5acef7872715. – Sebastian Simon Jan 25 at 23:03
  • @SebastianSimon Thanks for the edit and the extra details in your comments. I've updated my post to specifically mention your helpful comments. – John Omielan Jan 26 at 7:11
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Thanks for the report!

SVG icons recently moved from /img/svg-icons to /img/stacks-icons and we overlooked updating the CORS policy along with it. The issue should be resolved now, though you might have to "empty cache and hard reload" in the Chrome parlance.

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