I want to use the same functionality on my website as Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange uses with the text editor (in which I am currently typing).

I have seen and downloaded MarkdownSharp, because Stack Overflow uses this.

But I am not able to find the documentation for MarkdownSharp.

Where can I find the official documentation?

  • Given that the most recent commit on that repository was on 2018-12-01, and that SE relatively recently changed over to using CommonMark, and recently introduced table support, I consider it quite unlikely that repository represents code which SE is actually using at this point. – Makyen Jan 27 at 20:23

I'm not sure there is much documentation apart from the documentation comments. Just have a look at the only public method, Transform, to see what they're supposed to do and how you should call them, and the public properties, e.g. EmptyElementSuffix to see how they change the behaviour of the class.

To me, it seems pretty straightforward to use, but the maintainers would probably welcome a short tutorial in the README, so if you figured it out, consider making a pull request.

  • but how can we know all available customizable options in markdownSharp ? Only owner of that library can use the full benefit. – carl johnson Jan 28 at 3:11
  • There are only six options, all in the same #region. Without comments and whitespace, it's only a couple of hundred lines of code. I'd say it's easier to read than a lot of 'documentation' I've seen on the Net... – Glorfindel Jan 28 at 6:41

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