Similar to this post, the text:

enter image description here

On the /questions/greatest-hits page for RU SO, ES SO, and PT SO in Dark Mode is too faint, too silvery. I'd like that to be changed to something like:

enter image description here

Or (credit to @vaccinatingarachnid):

enter image description here

So it's more readable.

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    And yes, this is for the localized SO sites and SO main, but there's a conversation below Recent change in tag-badges style doesn't look good in dark mode?, in which Makyen made some good points, so I decided to post my question here.
    – Ollie
    Feb 3 '21 at 21:24
  • I posted that question after carefully verifying it had not been posted in the original thread Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits - or any other existing thread. I advise against potential duplicate reports because it's a nightmare to verify if they've been reported before or not. (Folks taking care of meta.se would be in for a lot of work.)
    – bad_coder
    Feb 4 '21 at 7:34
  • Despite Makyen's comment there, there is still the moderator's comment and mine - when it's a duplication of a single site [continued]
    – Rob
    Sep 26 '21 at 17:42
  • (and the feature is only available on the site(s), not elsewhere) then it's disingenuous to claim it's applicable to multiple sites; and therefore better suited to MSE than MSO. - Voted to migrate.
    – Rob
    Sep 26 '21 at 17:42

With the recent changes to greatest hits, this has been fixed.

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