I'd like to request that Elixir syntax highlighting support is included in StackOverflow's HighlightJS bundle and applied to the [elixir] tag.

It is supported by HighlightJS and would add about 2.23 Kb to the bundle after minification (tested by pasting into jscompress.com).

More info is on the original question I asked when I found out it wasn't working but didn't understand SO only bundles a subset of languages.

There are currently 8,219 questions with the Elixir tag at the moment. While the number of new new questions has unfortunately been decreasing since a 2016 peak, 2020 showed a strong uptick:

StackOverflow trends line graph of elixir tag usage from 2009 to 2021

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    Testing in the Sandbox, it looks like if you force elixir it's no different than forcing erlang, one difference though is that the Erlang tag is turned on while the Wiki for Elixir doesn't have the language enabled - either way the highlighting style differs from what is shown on the highlight.js demo page (URL accessible from the link above, of the Sandbox example).
    – Rob
    Feb 8, 2021 at 2:44


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