A few days ago, I saw this answer, and thought nothing of the fact that it had <30 characters (including zero-width spaces and HTML tags and other Unicode characters). But then I saw this answer, which was also posted with less than 30 characters, and it reminded me. When I try to post something like that, I get:

enter image description here

That also shows if I try to edit in a single extra character, indicating there aren't any invisible characters. Why were these two posts allowed? Was it just a brief system fart?

  • Is this one of those cases where the restriction is only client side? – zcoop98 Feb 8 at 23:32
  • 2
    Cross-site dupe: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/404931/… – Nick Feb 9 at 0:56
  • Maybe they're posted using the app, which has no client side validation, or borked validation. – Shadow Wizard is Vaccinating Feb 9 at 6:42
  • Ya, the app allows for some funny things. You can submit answers to questions long after they've been closed if you opened the answer dialog before it was closed. – Carcigenicate Feb 23 at 19:50

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