Data Science, Cross Validated, AI, Stack Overflow are the candidate sites to ask questions related to deep learning.

Stack Overflow is mostly intended for general coding and AI is intended for theoretical AI. So, the questions on deep learning coding may not be apt for those sites.

Data science and Cross Validated, according to me are apt but are not much active.

Since I don't have stats like the average waiting time for OP to get an answer etc., I am asking this question to know which site among the network is active for questions related to coding especially in deep learning or in general, machine learning.

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    I think the time untill you receive a quality answer is far more dependent on the question quality then the site you ask it on. – Luuklag Feb 23 at 7:34
  • @Luuklag Mayn't be always. It depends on several other factors. – hanugm Feb 23 at 8:39
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    average waiting time for Cross Validated is 69122 minutes over all questions. – rene Feb 23 at 8:58

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