Yesterday I asked a question and someone had replied as comments. More than 10 or 11 comments are shared with me and the one who helped me to solve my question. But today I am not able to view the comments. It seems the one who replied disappeared.

  • here is the link of question stackoverflow.com/questions/66332073/… – ACHU Feb 25 at 9:21
  • 3
    And this is the deleted answer. “Ehm... How you explained your achieve cause confusion. Explain better” isn’t an answer. The post author — or even you — is free to edit this and write a proper answer, based on the comments, if they indeed answered your question. Your clarifications, in turn, should be edited into the question. – Sebastian Simon Feb 25 at 9:25

The question has an 'answer' but it has been deleted. Why? Because it's not really an answer to your question. It's a (poor) comment at best. That's why it was removed, and the comment chain is 'collateral damage'.

Here is a screenshot of the page, including the deleted answer. The links point to the following questions:


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