I have a question about prior art, not specifically about patents, but rather out of curiosity, because I'd like to learn more on the subject.

Since my question is technical, and that I know that some good specialists are hanging on SO, I would be tempted to ask there, even if the question is not specifically about programming, but rather meta-SO.

In a few words, there are techniques to reduce the significand of a floating point number in the range [1.0,2.0) or in [0.5,1.0), but it is also possible to reduce it in [2/3,4/3], which can be an advantage for functions like log. I named that balancedSignificand here https://smallissimo.blogspot.com/2021/03/autopsy-of-accuracy-problem-of-log2-in.html. I want to know if the technique is already known (I'm pretty sure it is), named, and where to discover more... If not, is it found useful?

I have read Directing Prior Art Searches from Ask Patents but I don't even know which chat room the accepted answer is about, and I'm not focused on patents specifically.

I have also read the excellent Where do I ask where to ask? which makes me hope that this question is not completely disqualified, since instantiating the meta-meta level.


In this particular case, prior art of mathematics and potentially patents, you would probably be able to ask about this on our "History of Mathematics and Science" site. Their chat room, "On the way to Damascus" has minimal but recent activity; there or their meta might be a good place to start.

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