Is it a good approach to report a bug with an answer to a similar question, rather than asking a new question?

I see something like this happening here:

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Bugs can be posted as answers to questions if the company explicitly asks for it, for example when rolling out new features or major changes to existing functionality:


Please leave any feedback or bug reports related to this release below this post. We will be reviewing responses on this post for one month following Phase 3 (March 23, 2021). After March 23rd, please ask a new question to report any new issues.

One topic with 121 answers is much easier to handle than 121 separate questions, both for the developers/testers and for users not interested in the topic; the latter only have to skip one question on the Meta homepage, not several.

One should note that this is the exception, not the rule. The question about empty content is even more exceptional; this time the community decided on an organized bug hunting spree.

Generally speaking, a new bug needs a new question. If you have found a bug which is very similar to an existing one, and likely caused by the same error, it's good to link them together rather than posting a new question, but it's best to do so either:

  • by posting a comment describing what you found
  • by editing the question (or suggesting an edit) to add your example

Note that the bug has been which means they decided they won't solve it.


Essentially to a point, folks find having all the feedback for a new feature release in one place easier. After a while though the value of this diminishes.

Basically if it's a 'new' feature answers on an announcement post is fine. After a month or two, a new post is a better idea

If it's something critical post a new question - we have a few options to speed things up.

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