Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of the follow feature.

I use it a lot but I ran into a problem that I'm not always interested in edits + comments + answers + anything else at the same time. For example, I would often follow a post and only want to know about any edits to it. And that may end up like this:

Screenshot of the inbox showing eight notifications for the same question. Six of those are about comments, only two about edits.

Other times I may only want to know about answers to a question. And some times I am interested in comments.

Currently, there is no way to choose which notifications you receive from a followed post - any activity pings you. This can be too much in some cases.

It would be immensely helpful if there was a possibility to choose which notifications you get:

  • comments
  • edits
  • answers - applicable when following questions
  • changes in status - closure/reopen for questions, acceptance for answers, etc.
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    An interactive UI for filtering and grouping these in the Inbox would be welcomed too – charlietfl Mar 26 at 10:51
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    @charlietfl I thought about it but decided to just focus on what notifications we get first. – VLAZ Mar 26 at 10:52

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