I frequently visit Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites from private browser windows, which means I get the cookie banner over and over.

Does it really have to cover the most useful part of the viewport?

Obnoxious banner covers exactly the parts you want to see

(Not a private window; this one is because I use NoScript when I am logged in.)

I understand that for legal (but still annoying) reasons, this probably needs to be in a place where it is hard to miss when you have something more important than cookies on your mind; but could it be made even a tiny bit less intrusive?

Removing the cookie outline image (I only realize now after trying to figure out a way to describe it that that's what it is supposed to be) or moving it to be next to the buttons rather than on top would already alleviate the usability problem significantly.

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    There is another explanation, the prompt is broken, since it’s being asked multiple times in the same session daily/weekly while the user is continuously logged in – Ramhound Mar 31 at 1:18
  • A separate but related proposal now: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/362727/… – tripleee Mar 31 at 5:05
  • Or just revert it to what it was before: a bar at the bottom of the screen. – Ollie Apr 1 at 23:20
  • @Ramhound - btw, for iOS users, it is very likely to be caused by the ITP expiring the cookies in 7 days if they are first-party, but set by document.cookie which the SDK uses to set the 2 cookies after consenting. Check the otBannerSdk.js for source. – Oleg Valter Apr 6 at 2:25
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    Thank you for reporting. This is part of a series of related bugs that the team is currently looking into. – Rosie Apr 7 at 13:44
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    In mobile it's impossible to work with. – Braiam Apr 7 at 16:00
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    Yeah, it just got worse. – tripleee Apr 8 at 4:48
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    Now at least in Firefox on IOS I get a notification that my cookie preferences could not be saved. (Still sucks, but at least gives a clue that something is wrong, and a hint at a workaround which may however be unacceptable.) – tripleee Apr 20 at 12:32

Unfortunately no, we need the cookie banner to be visible enough that it won’t be missed. Our goal is to collect user preferences, whether they would like to consent to cookies or decline them. Once they’ve provided their preferences, they should not see the cookie banner again.

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    "Won't be missed" is not equivalent to "ruins every page visit for users with aggressive anti-cookie preferences". Surely the first can be achieved without the second. – tripleee May 1 at 8:17

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