Links on "About me" and "Website link" are disabled for users with less than 15 rep due to potential spammers (ref: Jeff's answer). However, links on expanded user card are still enabled even for users with 1 rep.

User profile (no hyperlinks)

Expanded user card (full with hyperlinks)

For the live demo, Arulkumar has provided a practical comment,

I little worried about the privilege to the spam accounts (link to the list of users page with "insurance" keyword prefilled)

(or try the list of recent users getting Autobiographer badge)

Even though Yaakov, a Stack Exchange staff has mentioned that

[...] As far as spam accounts, we are not worried about the impact here.

Please reconsider disabling them.

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This request is complete. All the users who have links disabled in profile page, now also have links disabled in their user profile popup. Thanks for reporting this issue!

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