I came across something rather bizarre today, when I noticed this:

New message preview, by a user names "Check for incoherent ramblings and crackpotism"

The cause being:

Feeds user in chat but with a different name

Upon further investigation, the Feeds user (ID -2) appears to have been renamed:

Feeds user's chat account

Was this intentional? Why has the SE-wide feeds user been renamed?


This was likely a moderator editing its display name.

Our (being myself and another mod on TL) best guess, unless someone explains themselves, is just that someone was trying to set up a feed in a chat and thought to change the display name of the feed, not realizing that it was a network-wide user and that that would change the display name everywhere.

I have changed it back. To any moderator reading this, please don't screw with its name. If you want your room's feeds to have a custom name, click the "create user" button after creating the feed to create a new feeds user, so you can set an image and display name for it. Don't change the Feeds user (ID -2) itself because that goes across the network.

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    Ah, I remember doing this once before (years ago) - and we changed the avatar so we had to go digging for the default avatar to boot... good times. – Catija Apr 22 at 19:30
  • @Catija oh haha, that's not good! doesn't sound like a lot of fun to have to go fix :P – hyper-neutrino Apr 22 at 19:31
  • According to Wayback Machine, it was still named Feeds on April 18, when it was last saved, so maybe that's when it was renamed. – user Apr 22 at 19:37
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    @user We figured out who changed it and what went wrong :P was just a simple mistake, like earlier today probably – hyper-neutrino Apr 22 at 19:37

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