A suspended user sees the following on /help/privileges:

Check mark near "Create posts"

I find the check mark next to "create posts" misleading since suspended users cannot create posts.

  • The text for "create posts" seems to be faded out. Is this perhaps a sign that the user has that privilege blocked? – Joel Reyes Noche Apr 29 at 0:54

No, if we do this, we'll have to:

  • Remove the checkmark on "flag posts" if you're banned from flagging
  • During chatbans, remove the checkmark on "talk in chat"
  • If you're review banned, remove the checkmark on "access review queues"

And possibly others.

This conflicts with the fundamental purpose of the checkmark: it indicates that you have the privilege, and even if you're blocked from it, you still have it. This would also confuse users ("why don't I have 'flag posts' yet" or "I have the 'set bounties' privilege but not 'talk in chat'").


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