When reviewing an answer in one of the Low Quality Posts, First Posts, or Late Answers queues, there is the option to watch the Other answers of the question. This gives a more "naked" view of the answers compared to the regular question's page. I can understand the reason: we don't want reviewers to be editing or flagging other answers - they should focus on reviewing the answer at hand.

But, sometimes I find it useful to link to other answers in a comment to the reviewed answer. Specifically, when someone posts a late answer repeating the same ideas from older answers.

Can we have a share button (or any other way to obtain a permalink to a specific answer) directly from the review page?

  • How often does this happen? It's perfectly possible to open the original question thread from the review. From there, sharing is a click away. – Mast Apr 25 at 18:13
  • 1
    @Mast Sure. I was contemplating if to add this to the question but it felt like noise: I know it's just a few more clicks, but usually it means another tab and moving between tabs. Of course, it's not the most pressing request and doesn't happen all that much - but for the times it does happen, it makes it so much easier to stay in the same page and just copy with one click. I also have a feeling it is not such a technical overhead to implement so if we can make our lives easier in any way... – Tomerikoo Apr 25 at 18:16

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