The login page of the Stack Exchange Data Explorer says "Log in with OpenID", but that pertains to just the bottom part of the options; Stack Exchange itself doesn't provide OpenID authentication anymore, login is based on OAuth2 and AFAICT this is also true for the Google login.

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Can the title be changed to "Log in with OAuth2 or OpenID" or perhaps just "Log in"?

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    Or "Log in with one of these options" – rene May 2 at 13:01
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    While we are at it: Does Yahoo! still works? It doesn't for me. Visiting me.yahoo.com isn't hopeful either , Reported earlier: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/353153 – rene May 2 at 13:03
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    That label is set here but it is different for anonymous / logged in users. In the logged in state you end up there from your profile when you click "change openid". That whole account management / login code is brittle as hell in SEDE and has a history of happily creating a new account while never being able to regain access your old profile so I rather not experiment with what does and doesn't work there. – rene May 2 at 13:27

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