Let's say I have submitted an answer to a question.

Then I spot something that could benefit from an edit.

Then I spot a typo. Then I spot something else with it, yet again.

You get the picture.

What happens when the question gets closed in the meantime?

  1. Will I be able to send in my ongoing edit?

  2. Will I be able to initiate a new edit, after the closing?

  3. Are there different ways of closing that could exert differing effects in terms of 1. and 2., or will all ways of closings have the same impact on this behaviour?

I have found this question: Submitting an answer to a closed question, but it does not really help me, at least for the reason that it's so old and even then it seemed to be unclear / in a transitional state; plus the only upvoted answer is just sort of guesswork.

I would like to know how this works now.

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    You can always (unless it's locked) edit your answers (and your questions) regardless of whether they're closed or not May 8 at 21:42
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    Closing a question only prevents new answers from being posted (after ca. 4 hours server-side ± caching). May 8 at 21:44
  • So that suggests that the situation is way better now than as discussed in the old thread?
    – Levente
    May 8 at 21:48
  • 1
    @Levente the old thread discusses closing after the 4 hour period, not editing after closing.
    – Ollie
    May 8 at 21:49
  • @Ollie I'm not sure I could follow that :D If you have the time, you could expand on that in your answer? (Optional!)
    – Levente
    May 8 at 21:51
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    It's pretty simple: Everything you can do with your answer before the question is closed, you can still do after it gets closed (that includes editing, deleting, undeleting, commenting, receiving votes, etc.)
    – 41686d6564
    May 8 at 21:51
  • @Ollie But what's that 4 hour thing for then? Ooooooh, it's here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/364215/… Still new answers can be submitted within 4 hours from closing! Right? (And that has nothing to do with already existing answers. Right?)
    – Levente
    May 8 at 21:52
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    @Levente That is a different question (which is answered in the post you linked to). Basically, in certain situations, you can get away with posting an answer shortly after the question is closed. It's virtually impossible after 4 hours though. That doesn't seem to be related to your question.
    – 41686d6564
    May 8 at 21:54

"I would like to know how this works now" - It still works the same. It doesn't matter if the question you answered is closed (after the publishing of said answer, that is). You'll always be able to edit your own (unlocked) posts; the closing won't affect ongoing or later edits.

  • Might be worth noting that users without 10k rep (or 2k on beta sites) cannot edit answers on deleted questions May 9 at 0:09

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