With the new font change today, descenders are clipped in edit boxes in Chrome, Windows 10.

The letters I've typed into the search and title boxes are are g and q (in that order), which look nearly identical due to the clipped descender of the g. The letters j and y are negatively affected too.

Screenshot of clipped descenders on Stack Exchange Meta

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the problem with the characters g-j-q-y.

Comparison of clipped and unclipped descenders

I took these screenshots 2021-05-10 in Chrome on Windows 10.


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This appears to be fixed as of 2021-05-17.

It seems likely that Stack Exchange has made an adjustment to the CSS to avoid the clipping. (Would be nice to have confirmation of this.)

Here I present side-by-side screenshots (magnified 4x) showing the descenders have been restored (are no longer clipped). If you look at the interface between the two screenshots (I purposely did not include a separator) then you can also see that the search box has been made larger vertically by 1 pixel at the top and 1 pixel at the bottom.

side-by-side comparison of clipping fix

Thanks, Stack Exchange!

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