On one of the StackExchange sites, I have changed my display name from pacoverflow to something else.

Recently there was a question on that site in which a lot of people left comments, including me. I just noticed that all of the comments on that question were moved to chat. So I went into the chat room, and the comment that I left actually has "pacoverflow" next to it, not my site-specific username. This seems like a bug.


This isn't a bug - it's due to how Chat works.

Chat profiles are per server, not per site, and all sites other than Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange share a single server. Your chat.SE profile has its parent site set to English Language & Usage, so your username in chat matches your username on EL&U.

You can reparent your chat account to another site, but that will change your username in chat everywhere on that chat server (other than in chat history). There's no way to have your username appear different per site other than on Meta Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow, which have their own chat servers.

  • For simplicity, I've just removed your message from the chat room since it doesn't seem particularly relevant to the conversation.
    – Catija StaffMod
    May 21 at 21:51

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