I would like to search for this post of mine:


So I try these:

user:1002260 IndexString
user:1002260 code:IndexString

but I just get this result:

We couldn't find anything for indexstring
Search options: user 1002260
Try different or less specific keywords.

Why can't I search my own posts?


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The term IndexString occurs as a part of the longer string m.IndexString("foo in the post you're searching for.

For this reason, you need to use wildcards * to find this post. Indeed, when I try searching for user:1002260 *IndexString*, I see your post in the search results. Searching for user:1002260 *IndexString also works.

Perhaps this has to do with the fact that . is not taken to be a word separator. Related posts pointed out by Tinkeringbell in the comments: Search word division is unintuitive, What about an upgrade to the word delimiter list for a more accurate search?.


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