Is there a specific area for new users that are new to coding where they can go and ask questions without being blocked for asking a question they may not have the answer to or isn't sure how to correctly ask a question. I know that there is a section for FAQ to try to explain how to ask a good question but for people who are learning and want to get the opinions of experienced coders, it can be hard to come here and ask a question. So again, is there a community that is open to helping new coders that may not always know how to ask the question they are trying to get an answer to?


I think what you are looking for is more of a "tutored" approach. Unfortunately that doesn't fit well with the Q&A format the SE network is built around. Perhaps venues such as Reddit, or old-school fora are a better fit for your needs.

On the other hand, if you have a problem with the code you've written you can definitely ask for help on SO. As long as you include a MCVE and your current and desired outcome.

PS: Using a more friendly tone than the passive-aggressive tone you use on your profile might also prove useful.