Inspired by How long does the SE team feature meta posts?

questions are automatically un- after 30 days, but most of the times staff decides to unfeature questions manually, because more important questions need to be featured and/or they've had enough time in the spotlights. But how long are they featured exactly?


This can be audited with the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. I've written a query which looks at the post history to determine when a question was and when the tag was removed. On Meta Stack Exchange, the duration is 15 days on average.

enter image description here

With the site switcher just above the results you can check other Meta sites like Meta Stack Overflow. Do note that SEDE is refreshed only once a week, on Sunday morning, so a question might be unfeatured already without SEDE knowing about this.

  • It's 8.85 days on MetaSO but on Stack Overflow main the query triggers a bug claiming nearly 320 days. – Rob May 31 at 1:06
  • 2
    Some posts have been featured more than once, this one even 7 times. I have modified your query to include that. Not a big difference, but just enough to make the average over 16 days. – BrakNicku May 31 at 5:37

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