My question:

How does Jeff Bezos make money to buy stuff, like his 417-foot superyacht which is estimated to cost $500 million?

Did Bezos sell stock to get the money to purchase that boat, additional homes, and essential items (like food)? I'd like to know Bezo's sources of income into his bank account (including sources from links to back it up).

I don't want to know about Bezo's investments (like stock) that he hasn't converted to money to spend.

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    Sometimes it's just faster and easier to google this stuff yourself, no? Like if you google "jeff bezos sold amazon stock" you'll have your answer in 5 seconds. – n8te Jun 10 at 4:19
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    We have a Personal Finance & Money Stack Exchange but this isn't really on-topic there and no other site really fits. If you are skeptical about a claim and have conflicting authoritative sources (or no trustworthy info), you can ask about it on Skeptics Stack Exchange. However, in its current state, I will reiterate what n8te said, this is probably a question for Google. – hyper-neutrino Jun 10 at 4:31
  • “How does Jeff Bezos make money to buy stuff?” There's a rather profitable business which he set up in 1994 and in the last 12 months it made a profit of $29.62 billion. He didn't make his money overnight. Oh, and he doesn't pay income tax either. – Mari-Lou A Jun 10 at 15:26
  • Hi all, The only information I found on Google was that Jeff Bezos sold some stock to buy his $500 million yacht and I wanted more information about how he paid for stuff over the years. Next time I'll be more clear. Thanks. – risingPhoenix1979 yesterday

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