What should be my course of actions when elected moderators (specifically "Stack Overflow in Russian") unjustifiably lock and close questions on the Meta?

I realize, that deciding what is justified and what is not might be my personal opinion, but this is why I'm in need for a higher authority here.

I have checked through the "Contact us" but could not find a relevant topic. I'm also not eager to use the ruSO "Contact Us" form, since it is likely leading to the same moderators who mistreated the rules in the first place.

For anyone interested, here's the ruSO topic on the matter, from which I'm trying to escalate the issue: Вопрос, не являющийся дубликатом, закрыт как дубликат. TLDR in Eng:

Question #1 (Сообщество уже больше полугода поддерживает откровенный оффтопик. Доколе?) goes like "Why does ruSO supports these offtopic competition-like questions which do not have a clear rules set and are largely violating SO policy on questions guidelines" - was closed as "Offtopic" itself (ironically). Not looking at the issue presented - it is clearly a wrong moderator action, to lock the question on Meta that is aimed at discussing the rules and finding a right solution - that's one of the Meta goals after all.

Question #2 (Вопрос, соответствующий тематике Меты, заблокирован как «не соответствует тематике») goes like "Why is ontopic question was locked as offtopic?" - was closed as "Duplicate of the above question". Now this is wrong once again - these are different questions, but the moderators acted nonetheless. I have casted my "re-open" vote, of course.

P.S. Let me know if I have missed something or need more details to add.


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The "Contact Us" doesn't go to the site moderators - it goes to the community moderation team, effectively bypassing the on-site moderation team.

Use that in this instance. You will at least get an unbiased response to your request.


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