The problem

According to this meta answer, linked questions in the sidebar should have noredirect=1 passed. This was done due to an annoying redirect (explained better in the question than I ever could):

For anonymous, not-logged-in users, duplicate questions automatically redirect to the dupe target.

In this case, this results in a poor user experience for anonymous users, since they click on the linked question in the sidebar, only to be taken back to where they were. My reaction when I experienced this while not logged in was pretty much "Huh, what's going on here ?".

This works all fine and dandy if you click on the question title, which is what I suspect the majority of users will try. However, as a lazy user of other SE sites, I know that I don’t have to move my mouse all the way over the title. Clicking on the vote count should work just fine. Except it doesn’t here - since the apparently separate link in the vote count box does not pass noredirect=1 as the question title does.

Yes this is a very small problem but I have run into it one too many times now


vote count box circled in red, and question title circled in green

Question in screenshot above. Clicking on ‘Add the ability to create any tag synonym to the “trusted user” privileges’ gives me a noredirect=1 link. Clicking on the “70” of the vote count box doesn’t, and thus leads me (when logged out/anonymous) straight back to the original question. This seems like obviously unintended behavior, since it’s what the bugfix was supposed to stop.

Non-dupes of this question

This question is not a duplicate as it is about the page of linked questions (example given in that question) that you get by clicking on “see more linked questions”, when there are too many linked questions to display on the sidebar. I am asking about links from the sidebar, directly, not from this other page.

This question is not a duplicate as it is asking to not show the links at all. It also appears to be older than the question I linked at the start, which was “fixed” by passing noredirect=1 for question-title links. I am asking about a specific oversight of that newer question’s fix.

If there's a duplicate of this question, I'm very sorry, you can close this as an unanswered dupe and give another example of the bug :)


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