When you hover over code on a question or answer, it would be nice to in addition to the syntax highlighting to maybe show a link in the top right corner or something you can click on that will open a small window with just that code in it so you can copy and paste the code very easily. Or else a link/button to copy the contents to a clipboard, I believe this can be accomplished with Flash. I have seen these features on most blogs and sites that have syntax highlighting.

  • this would be nice, especially since, at least from my experience, if you highlight and copy code it all gets put on one line. – DForck42 Oct 6 '11 at 21:11
  • +1: This would be really useful. It is troublesome trying to copy stuff when trying to troubleshoot/try code in a question. Anything that reduces the boring bits of answering a problem is great – ArjunShankar Dec 12 '12 at 19:11

They could add a colored line, like they do in SuperUser quotes, that could be clicked on to copy.


Sounds like the perfect application for greasemonkey...


Syntax highlighter does it but it has quite a big overhead when loading. The google alternative is a lot faster but has no new window feature.

SO already has syntax highlighting though so just a new window icon would be useful, and fairly easy to add.

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