I have a question regarding the idea I'd like to implement for my master's thesis (in the software development field) and I'm not sure whether I should ask it on Stack Overflow, Software Engineering or Computer Science.

I'd like to receive others' opinions regarding it:

  • whether it has enough complexity for a master's degree
  • if it is clearly defined
  • receive possible further ideas
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    Your advisor's office. These are all things your advisor will be able to tell you. – Thomas Markov Jul 7 at 18:26
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    Asking for opinions is off-topic on every site in the network. – Luuklag Jul 7 at 18:26
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    People ask questions like this at Academia.SE all the time, but that doesn't mean you should ask there. It would be closed and someone would possibly suggest to you in a comment to ask your advisor - that's what they are for, like Thomas says. – Bryan Krause Jul 7 at 19:03

As mentioned in the comments, these would probably not work as a question on our network

  • First of all, you can’t post those all in one question, as that would get closed as "Needs More Focus"
  • About your first question, that seems opinion based, so likely couldn’t work
  • Your second question would most likely be opinion based too.
  • Your third question is both opinion based and a list question

Other alternatives

  • As mentioned in the comments, going to your advisor's office might be worthwhile
  • Other sites, like Quora and Reddit possibly.
  • A chat room might work. There are lots of smart people in chat, and if you choose the correct room some people might be willing you to give you feedback.

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