When viewing a post's timeline (for example), the edit event once a suggested edit is accepted says "suggested":

timeline showing "suggested" for the edit event

I remember it saying "edited" before. Saying "edited" also makes more sense, since this is the moment in which the edit occurred, not when the suggestion occurred. I suggested the edit at one point in time (starting a review process recorded as "Suggested edits", for the kind of review) and edited the question at a later point, when the edit was accepted. That second event was not a suggestion, it was an edit! Old suggested edits of mine (back when I remember it saying "edited") also say "suggested".

Please change it back to saying "edited" in the timeline.

  • The same issue also occurs for specific revision links. – Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog Jul 7 at 21:04
  • My guess is that they're trying to distinguish an applied suggested edit from a regular edit from someone with enough rep. Maybe it should say "Edit Applied" or "Edit Approved". – BSMP Jul 8 at 1:29
  • Could this have something to do with the adjustments to the reopen process? There might be a reason in the future to distinguish suggested edits, edits, and edits that are intended to start a reopen review. – ColleenV 2 days ago

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