I always have a Chrome tab open to watch only the questions that are tagged with AND . This is the URL:

The filtering mechanism works fine, as I'm able to see only the intersection of the tags. However, if a new question tagged with is added, I get this:

"1 question with new activity" notification

If I refresh the page, no new question is present. If I check:

Indeed the new question belongs to the tag. How can I get notified only for AND ? As now I'm notified for a some kind of OR.


This is currently not possible.

The technology behind the notifications is Web Sockets, and there's a list of available endpoints:

  • <siteid>-questions-active-tag-<tagname>: Active for a specific tag

There is no endpoint for the intersection of two tags. The [firebase]+[android] page connects to two websockets; one for each tag. It would be nice if the page detects that the [android]-only question does not pass your filter and hence not show the '1 question with new activity' notification.

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    Thank you. In this case, I have to refresh the page several times, until I get a question that belongs to the intersection of the tags.
    – Joan P.
    Jul 8 at 11:06

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