When searching for a badge in the "Track your next badge" and "Select your next badge" modals, the badge width and positioning are incorrect sometimes. Some examples:

'Select your next badge' modal with only one visible badge, the width is too small

'Track your next badge' modal with one visible badge, but it has a small width and it is centered

'Select your next badge' modal with three visible badges, but they have a smaller width and they are centered

The modal displaying all badges is like this:

'Select your next badge' modal with all badges displayed, three badges in each row, occupying the whole modal width

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    It is assumed at least 3 badges are returned ... assumptions sometimes are wrong ... – rene Jul 14 at 18:03
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    Also reported on MSO: Badge style is broken when filtered to one. – Sebastian Simon Jul 19 at 12:32
  • [status-no-repro] here on MSE, as in that the size of the box does change, but it is responsive to the contents within, so nothing is lost. Seeing that the page needs to be reworked to become responsive, it will probably be fixed by the end of this year. – Luuklag Jul 20 at 8:04

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