I understand that having reputation and badges indicates that the Stack Overflow community starts to trust someone; in other words, the more reputation, the more the community trusts you.

Apart from that, are there any other benefits of having reputation and badges?

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    Becoming part of a community with common interests (to preserve knowledge and further the human race), to gain access to Google analytics at 25K because you've always wondered what that was about, to immortalize your own unique approach to problems (hubris, some might say), and to learn about your chosen site, subject, and people's different ways of communicating their ideas. For myself - I'm hoping they bring back mugs and T-shirts. – A Rogue Ant. Jul 20 at 17:52
  • Is this meant to be specific to Stack Overflow? Or are you using "Stack Overflow" to mean "Stack Exchange"? – bobble Jul 20 at 18:01
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  • @bobble, this is actually to be specific to Stack Overflow :) – Salahuddin Ahmed Jul 20 at 18:13
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    In that case, it's off-topic, sorry. Go to Meta Stack Overflow if you have a meta question specific to SO. This is Meta Stack Exchange, about things that concern the whole network. – bobble Jul 20 at 18:15
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    @SalahuddinAhmed Sorry to go a little overboard on the editing; but if you're asking about SO specifically, then your question belongs over on Meta Stack Overflow, not here. Questions posted here should be about multiple sites, or the network as a whole! – zcoop98 Jul 20 at 18:15
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    Make sure to search on MSO first. For example: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/gamification – rene Jul 20 at 18:17
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