When a post is flagged, ♦ moderators can see which previous actions on the post have been taken by moderators. I was rather surprised that the waffle bar for this question showed that Community (indeed, a bot account with ♦ powers) closed the question as opinion-based, while the banner clearly shows it was closed by five regular users:

enter image description here

Related: when a user chooses to leave anonymous feedback in the First Questions queue, a comment is posted by Community and that is also shown as one of the "Previous moderator actions". Perhaps it's best to ignore the Community user altogether when populating this dialog?

  • FWIW if you go into the timeline you'll also see that Community-friend "cleared" the close votes, so I'd assume it's an artefact of some specific part of the close action. If a normal mod closes a question, their account is credited with clearing the votes Jul 28, 2021 at 20:13


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