I'm not sure if those questions belong on Server Fault, Super User, Unix & Linux, or perhaps Stack Overflow?

For example, where should one ask the following?

Should $args be used with try_files? Like:
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php$is_args$args;


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Questions about Nginx configuration are generally best asked on Server Fault, whose on-topic subjects include "managing the hardware or software of servers, workstations, storage or networks." It has a thriving [nginx] tag with over 15,000 questions, many of which are about configuring it.

The question would also be on topic at Pro Webmasters, which notes that "questions about web server configuration (e.g., URL rewriting, SSL, virtual hosting, running scripts, password protection, status errors, etc...)... are considered on-topic here."

As always, make sure it's clear exactly what you're asking—merely asking whether you should do something may be construed as opinion-based. Explain what you're trying to do, and what exactly your concerns are about the approach you're considering.

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