Since July 2009 the community is asking for a way to disable the editor keyboard shortcuts.
Since September 2010 many people are asking to disable comment submitting on Enter.
Since July 2014 navigational keyboard shortcuts had been added to the sites along with a user setting to disable them, but the features requested above are still not implemented.

Like many other people I accidentally submitted a comment multiple times, because the input field is multi-line and I may reflexively hit the Enter key when it becomes more or less complex. I have the "Enable keyboard shortcuts" setting disabled, but the Enter key still acts as the Add comment button. I pretty much consider this a keyboard shortcut.

When I disable the "Enable keyboard shortcuts" user setting I expect all custom keyboard shortcuts on a site to be disabled!

I know there are user scripts for the requests above, but there's also the related user setting which doesn't work as expected.

Turning off the "Enable keyboard shortcuts" user setting should disable the following:

  1. Navigational keyboard shortcuts;
  2. Editor keyboard shortcuts;
  3. Submitting a post edit on Ctrl+Enter;
  4. Submitting a comment on Enter.
    The Enter key may do nothing or add a space instead of a new line (i.e. what a new line would look like after posting a comment). I don't see much bad in key doing nothing, I think it's quite obvious that it has been disabled intentionally and just tells a user to leave this key alone, but you may show a message if you believe it is needed;
  5. [Optionally] Submitting a new question / post edit using (Shift+)Enter in a single-line field.
    Now, this is a HTML standard, it works everywhere and it may indeed be appropriate if a form contains only single-line fields. However, in forms with a multi-line field it causes inconsistency: pressing Enter in a single-line field submits a form while in a multi-line field it adds a new line; this is why I propose to disable this.
    For consistency, however, it would be better to replace submitting on Enter with Ctrl+Enter for such forms, which this setting would then disable altogether.

This feature request won't change anything by default for most users, but will allow people to disable things they don't like/need, while still preventing new users from trying to use paragraphs in comments (you still can add a new line with Shift+Enter if you know what you're doing).


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