I don't think the ignored tags feature should be enabled when searching questions by tag. For example, I have the iphone tag hidden in my preferences on Stack Overflow, and so when I go to search for questions with that tag, the list is empty. This doesn't make much sense, in my opinion; I obviously don't want to ignore iPhone questions if I'm specifically searching for them. It would be great if ignored tags were not taken into account when searching by tag. The same applies to interesting tags as well.

To take this a little further, it would also be great if there were a button off to the right on all pages that allowed the user to temporarily toggle the ignored tags feature at will. This way, we'd be able to click a single button/link and see all the questions that have been ignored, and click again to hide them again. Just a suggestion I thought I'd throw out there; I'd be happy with my first proposal, though.

Sorry if this has already been posted, I searched and couldn't find anything.



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