I need help with translating a book into my native language. The paragraph I'm translating now is about some "artificial" grammatical rules in the English language and I need help to understand those.


On English Language Learners we can help explaining English texts in basic English, as long as you

  1. limit your question so that it is about a few words or a single phrase (but it's good to have the entire paragraph in question, for context)
  2. provide enough details including your own thoughts on the matter; that way we can provide an answer that suits your needs, rather than a generic one which may be too complex or too simple.

Specifically, because it's a paragraph about English grammar, English Language & Usage may work too, but the same requirements apply.

Finally, if there's a Stack Exchange dedicated to your native language (here is an unofficial list), you might get some help there. Again, the same advice applies.

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