For the answers on this question (but on all answers I'd guess) the dates say something like "Aug 12 at 19:04". Is this deliberate or a bug that thinks it's 2009 still?


I think it's the desired behavior as "Aug 12" unambiguously refers to "Aug 12, 2009". Year is needed only for dates more than 11 month old.

I looked up an old answer of mine from January 2009 to see the timestamp. It explicitly mentions "'09" which means StackOverflow engine smartly formats timestamps based on the current date. How to store a list in a db column

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    Not sure I agree with it adding any value as last year is last year, but if it's by design then ok – Chris S Jan 25 '10 at 21:58

If you hover over the date, it gives you the complete Date/Time stamp.

If there's no year, you can assume they the current or former year, as long as another year hasn't elapsed.

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