Following community feedback to the recent changes in review queues, as in this answer (and some other, very similar requests on that post), the UI team have now added an "Other action" radio-button in the "First answers" and "First questions" queues, which allows one to complete the review when an action like voting (up or down) on the post, adding a custom comment or flagging has been taken.

First, I would like to thank the developer team for taking on board the community's concerns and adding this option.

However, it appears that this does not actually fully complete the review – the post stays in the queue, so that another reviewer has to take (it would seem) one of the three original, 'primary' actions.

Here are two reviews that I made earlier today: this one needed a second review, because I added a custom comment and clicked "Other action"; but this one was completed after my single review, because I clicked "Share feedback" to add a canned Community comment. (IMHO, there is little to distinguish between the two actions I took in these reviews.)

Is this "by design" or is it an oversight? If the former, then how many such "Other action" reviews are needed to pop the post from the queue? (Or will only one of the first three actions actually finish off the process?)

As an aside, I have noticed that taking such "Other action" is sufficient to pass (or fail?) an audit: I flagged a "known bad" audit today and passed ("Share feedback" would also have passed).


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I fixed the issue and the fix should be live later today. It was indeed a simple oversight - my oversight, in fact. Thanks for reporting this bug, please let me know if you continue experiencing any issues in the next couple of days.

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    Seems good - checked a few "Other action" reviews just now and they do now complete the review. Thanks. Commented Sep 17, 2021 at 13:55

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