I would like to ask the following.

What is the name of this song?

This dance track has been on my mind for days and I cannot think of its name! All I can remember is the lyrics of "I know I'll make it through with you" with a tune that goes like this.

It looks like music is for music theory questions, so this is probably most suited elsewhere. I would be grateful of a poke in the right direction!


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There is a Music Fans site.

It seems its most popular tag was , but unfortunately it has recently changed its scope and such questions are no longer on topic.

I'm afraid there isn't any other site that offers a general alternative at this time.

  • It's a shame that Music Fans has changed that policy. Perhaps we should have an identify stack. Jan 11, 2022 at 12:25

No such site

Music Fans changed their scope after years of lukewarmly accepting questions like that: Identification Questions are now off-topic. Here's our next steps

The only other sites that do accept some forms of music ID would not be appropriate. For example, SFF would accept an "identity this song" question but only if it was about science fiction or fantasy, or even something featured in such a work.


Looks like Music Fans is the best choice, it already has a solid identify-this-song tag with the following tag wiki:

Use this tag if you want to identify a song.

Questions should have as much as details as possible:

  • Youtube or soundcloud link.

  • Detailed description (Radio, TV channel, date, genre, language, country...).

Read: What should I do to improve my identification question?

There should be exactly one correct answer — when someone does suggest the correct answer, please accept it, so that everyone else knows that there is no point making any other suggestions.

External links

  • Database of information about sampled music or sample-based music, cover songs and remixes, WhoSampled

  • Database of information about music from TV shows and movies:TuneFind


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