If I start a bounty, I expect that bounty to last 7 days unless I award the bounty before the time of expiry. What happens if there is Stack Exchange Network maintenance or outage during that time? Is that time lost or am I given extra time on my bounty equal to the duration of the downtime?

There is an existing answer that addresses bounty extension on sites that are read-only for some time, and it makes sense -- there is no need to extend a bounty if the question can still be read. My question only pertains to situations in which network downtime prevents access to my bountied question.

Reading through the posts on stackstatus.net, I realize that site-wide maintenance usually lasts a few minutes and is therefore inconsequential. Moreover, I know longer outages are rare, but I'm still curious if there is a policy in place.


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No, they won't. Essentially you're paying reputation so that the question is bountied for the next 7*24=168 hours. As you say, outages are rare and any attempts to compensate for them would be hard to implement and not outweigh the benefits. Even exceptionally long downtimes of an hour would be less than 1% of the total duration of the bounty.

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    + the grace period. If SE is down for more than a day... things are baaaaad Commented Sep 21, 2021 at 15:09

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